View and Download Mamiya RB67 Pro-S instructions manual online. RB67 Pro- S Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Mamiya RB 67 Pro S service instructions manual online. RB 67 Pro Digital Camera Mamiya RB67 Pro-S Instructions Manual. (34 pages). Somehow it didn’t get put in with the other Mamiya instructions. . I’ve been using a used Mamiya Pro S Rb67 camera for the past year, and I’m delighted with it.

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Technician put in another spring. My new Pro SD is quite the opposite, seemingly extremely loose in comparison. Variable Diopter, Flip-up Magnifier Attached to the prism finder, it assures enhanced precision focusing by magnifying the central portion of the screen. Diopter Correction Lenses Anyone wearing eyeglasses or experiencing difficulty focusing may benefit by adding a diopter correction lens to the viewfinder. Newer lenses with better coatings and a built-in adapter ring, which means that they will fit on both the Pro-S and the Pro-SD without a separate adapter.

It did not return to the up position. Since it’s a leaf shutter based camera, electronic flash sync is available at all speeds.

Connect it to the lens by screwing it on. Not suitable for mm APO or 75mm Shift lenses. The lens can be unlocked from the body by peeling the leatherete in the top right corner of the front standard where it has the pro-s logo. Equivalent to 62mm in 35mm format. In my experiences, everything down to the lens bellows are built extremely well. Grid intersections also useful as reference points for multiple exposures.


It is Mamiya’s unique balance of extreme sharpness, brilliant contrast, accurate and consistent color fidelity and overall high oro that captures the imagination of contemporary photographers who choose Mamiya to express their personal visions.

Mamiya RB67 Pro-S Instructions Manual

Optional extension tubes may be added for macro focusing to 1: It is a pain to take on aeroplanes with a 20kg baggage limit tip: I put the body back together and found another lens. Mamia film back can only be removed with a dark slide inserted. There are alot of knobs, levers, switches, and buttons. The shutter cocking lever should return to the up position after maual cock the shutter.

Supplied with camera Cat. Mar 25, 4. Thanks in advance for your responses, Daniel.


Today the RB67 Pro SD offers the same fully mechanical reliability and simple operation of mamjya predecessors, and complete system compatibility with all previous RB lenses, backs, finders and accessories. I love the idea of prism finders on the RB, but I can never seem to find a way to comfortably hold one!


This useful device can be attached to lenses in cases where it is not possible to use the regular lens hood. Your name or email address: My point is there is some variation.

Mamiya RB67 Pro S Medium Format SLR Film Camera with 90 mm lens Kit

For example the ease to turn the revolving adapter and as you mention the focus mechanism. This page has been accessed 22, times. It can be locked with a twist of the collar.

It was sometimes a bit annoying, but it allowed generously for fine focusing. But very few pieces of work out there have really delivered to me what I feel is that true medium format look.

Mxmiya include general purpose photography from landscapes to full length or head and shoulders portraits. Attaches to the front accessory thread of 65mm to mm lenses.

The original requires you to collapse all four sides independently.