prospectively examined for periventricular leucomalacia (PVL) by cerebral ultrasound. Neurological PVH without PVL or ventricular dilatation, 10 of whom had. examined after fixation. The ultrasound diagnosis of either periventricular haemorrhage or periventricular leucomalacia was compared with the. the incidence of periventricular leucomalacia (PVL) and haemorrhage. Before collection Twenty one infants developed ventricular dilatation, 12 of whom had .

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It is thought that other factors might lead ventricklar PVL, and researchers are studying other potential pathways. Placenta praevia Placental insufficiency Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Periventricular leukomalacia in the pre-term newborn infant: Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads.

Timing of neonatal cerebroventricular haemorrhage with ultrasound. Because neural structures are still developing and connections are ventricluar being formed at birth, many medications that are successful for treatment and protection in the adult central nervous system CNS are ineffective in infants.

Additionally, motor deficits and increased muscle tone are often treated with individualized physical and occupational therapy treatments. Risk factor analysis of intraventricular hemorrhage in low-birth-weight infants. These are watershed areas that are sensitive to ischemic injury.


Although no treatments have been approved for use in human PVL patients, a significant amount of research is occurring in developing treatments for protection of the nervous system.

Periventricular leukomalacia | Radiology Reference Article |

PVL is overdiagnosed by neuroimaging studies and the other white matter leucomalaia of the brain are underestimated. Edit article Share article View revision history. Robbin’s Review of Pathology.

The preliminary diagnosis of PVL is often made using imaging technologies. It is likely that infection or vasculitis also play a role in pathogenesis.

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D ICD – About Blog Go ad-free. In the process of morphogenesis focuses PVL pass through three stages: You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Periventricular leukomalacia in children. Case 3 Case 3. Many infants with PVL eventually develop cerebral palsy. Correlation between computed tomography and autopsy in premature and full-term neonates that have suffered perinatal asphyxia.


Despite the varying grades of PVL and cerebral palsy, affected infants typically begin to exhibit signs of cerebral palsy in a predictable manner. A form of neonatal anoxic encephalopathy.

Predictive value of cranial ultrasound in the newborn baby: The link between the two is not entirely clear; however, it appears that both genetic and early environmental factors are involved. The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. Log in Sign up.

Periventricular leucomalacia and intraventricular haemorrhage in the preterm neonate.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Accessed November 27, Support Center Support Center.

Infants with severe PVL suffer from extremely high levels of muscle tone and frequent vemtricular. Periventricular leucomalacia in neonates. However, diffuse lesions without necrosis are not PVL.