Mecanique Non Lineaire. Les oscillateurs a regimes quasi sinusoidaux ( Memorial des Sciences Mathematiques Fascicule CXLI) [A. Blaquiere] on Results 1 – 30 of 45 Les oscillateurs a regimes quasi sinusoidaux (Memorial des Sciences Mathematiques Fascicule CXLI) by A. Blaquiere and a great selection. A. Blaquiere, Mécanique non-linéaire, les oscillateurs a régimes quasi- sinusoidaux. Thése, Paris, (Edited in “Memorial des Sciences Mathématiques,”.

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Tuesday, June 21, – 3: Low noise pulsed light source utilizing laser diode and voltage detector device utilizing same low noise pulsed light source. Mathieu Lagrange 1 AuthorId: Circuit simulators provide accurate time domain current and voltage waveforms from a device level description of an integrated circuit.

That is the reason why, after presenting these differences, this paper [2] presents recommendations for developers of Verilog-A compact models who want to optimize their models for SPICE-like simulators and to facilitate the integration of said models into different simulators. For the fast and effective simulation of complete systems, it is necessary to use higher-level true-behavioral descriptions, formulated in a standard, non-proprietary language such as C; also desirable is an interface for standard HDLs.

The readout circuit compares Cs with a reference capacitance Cr which is not sensitive to pressure changes. The physical pressure is detected by a circular pressure element whose upper plate is deflected if it is exposed to an external gas or fluid pressure.

Oscillateur à pont de Wien

Dolphin In this paper we present solutions for the modeling of systems, containing electronic devices, non-electronic components and software. Ultrafast interferometric microscopy for laser-driven shock wave characterization. Frequency-domain interferometer for measuring the phase and amplitude of a femtosecond pulse probing a laser-produced plasma. The gain control is achieved by altering the feedback resistor of the operational amplifier as detailed in the circuit principle.


Here, a simple, quadratic, reflecting plate is used.

An algorithm called “partial tracking” links some of those peaks from frame to frame. Various schemes have been proposed for DMDs.

Dolphin The Verilog-AMS hardware description language [1] includes extensions dedicated to compact modeling, but does not define a reserved subset for compact modeling. Depending on the voltage at its electrode, each DMD can be deflected separately. The trouble is that their amplitudes from dBm to -4dBm are too small to be detected by the decoder.

Low Power always-on panoply. Sinueoidaux resolved sum-frequency generation with broad-bandwidth infrared pulses.

SMASH Application Notes

Mathieu Lagrange 1 Details. The input signals IN of the circuit have to be decoded according to their frequency. The equations and parameters are fully documented in the application note. This application note demonstrates through an example how DxDesigner which will be referred to as ViewDraw in this document can be used as a schematic capture tool to oscilllateurs netlists that are easily compatible with the suggested file format in SMASHTM.

Triggers, which use hysteresis, will be introduced as a generalization of comparators.

The purpose of this application note is to present different modeling approaches with the SMASH simulator, illustrated with the choice of amplifier model within a simple application, namely the amplifier gain control. In order to decode DTMF signals of small amplitude, the gain of the amplifier has to be controlled.

Is it detailed enough? DE DED1 de This is particularly the case with current-mode analog sampled-data lees or switched-current – SI circuitsrenowned for being one of the toughest kind of circuits to simulate [2].

DOLPHIN INTEGRATION, the Enabler of mixed signal Systems-on-Chip

La partie reproduite ici traite des montages classiques pour oscillateurs sinusoidaux. For small circuits, the simulation time is generally isnusoidaux by the time required to evaluate model device equations, such as Berkeley BSIM3v3 transistor model equations, but, as circuit size increases, an increasing fraction of time is spent solving the sparse matrix built during circuit elaboration and filled with the results of the model device equations.


What is an application note? This trend not only calls for new analog design techniques fully compatible with pure digital VLSI processes [1] but also it reveals limitations in the use of purely analog, purely digital, or circuit-level-only simulators as design tools.

The given SERC example is: Rapid measurement of ultrashort-pulse amplitude and phase from a two-photon absorption sonogram trace. This algorithm forms partials: It is also charge-conserving and has explicit equations for its 16 transcapacitances. A semi-conductor device is partly described by its voltage-current characteristic. Yes, I would like to receive additional information from Dolphin Integration. Coherent measurement of short laser pulses based on spectral interferometry resolved in time.

Gerhard-Mercator-University GH Duisburg The purpose of this application note is to present a capacitive pressure sensor system. In this way, the resulting phase or amplitude modulation of incoming light can be used to create a pixel image on a screen.

Several psychoacoustic cues may then be used to cluster partials like their common onset, their harmonic relation, and the correlated evolutions of their parameters. Compact autocorrelator for the online measurement of tunable 10 femtosecond pulses. Desert Microtechnology Associates, Inc.