Web Forum: ChessPub Forum – Hypermodern opening repertoire for white. Title, Hypermodern Opening Repertoire for White. Publisher, Cardoza Publishing . ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote. This complete repertoire shows White how to reject the classical principles of opening play. Instead of placing pawns in the center, White allows Black to build .

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Here again my game gets quite cramped and I’m tired of that. If Black responded d5, White might or might not respond c4. The opening position of the KIA looks exactly like the king side of the Reti, so I have the option to transpose to the Reti by setting up the queen side a3, Ra2, Qa1 only if needed, or can get into the battle quicker if desired without the Reti fepertoire side setup.

ChessPub Forum – Hypermodern opening repertoire for white

Getting it wrong or waiting too long can be a problem. Showing of 5 reviews. Fischer used this with success. And I like playing the flanks just fine when necessary.

I sold the first two books for a pittance at a second hand store and the third one sits in a box in my storage shed. Half open I think means your pawn is not on the file but your opponents is.


Mar 26, 7. I understand your point about the psychological effect a move like hypermodsrn can have. Instead he wasted a move on 9…Ng4 that was easily kicked later with h3, repertoier lost his e pawn for nothing in doing so. Nf3 opening repertoire for White.

That’s where people come in with the “study tactics” mantra, and they do have a point. A generous amount of games are analyzed, along with a section that covers the games of famous players who used the opening in their repertoire. His loss to Spassky: What was the purpose of this move?


Beginners need to learn to be able to consistently recognize things like “his knight is threatening to fork my queen and rook” or “he’s pinning my pawn so my bishop is not actually defended” and so forth.

This is because 1 Hypermodfrn can transpose into an English, and this is beyond the scope of the book, which is essentially a book on the Reti.

Study the endgames, bla bla bla study tactics bla bla bla”.

Those games tend to be full of tactics thus Hypemrodern avoid them. Rxd7 wins a knight for a pawn: Your first move is 1…d6 in response to 1.


Lists with This Book. I know I need more time recognizing motifs though. Eric Edition 1st ed. Against the Two Knights Defense I like 4. You’ve re-invigorated my interest in tactics. KIA for white, which looks to me like a simplified Reti.


So in summary, I like the rich counterplay directed to smaller areas of the board that results in closed games. Add the Reti for white and maybe the accelerated dragon for black. I did use the Reti for some time but when I went down with it I really went down in flames.

Seems he nypermodern My view is that white moves first and thus has an advantage to begin with, so a “good opening” for white is one which preserves his advantage into the middlegame. Chesshistorian rated it did not like it Mar 15, A repertooire of fun.

His rating was right in there with mine at the time. Now you can win your pawn back: This was due to my vague understanding of the concept. Not many people know the opening and make faults. I do not know how, in this case black should react.