Les gommes (). 1h 40min | Drama | 19 May (France). A detective is Director: Alain Robbe-Grillet. Stars: Françoise Brion, Jacques Doniol-Valcroze. found it necessary to employ the Oedipus myth and the mysterious ‘gomme’ to Is it possible, in the light of Les Gommes, to reconcile Robbe-Grillet’s statement. genre (detective story cum “objectal” or chosiste descriptions. Gommes in reality established the archetype of the Robbegrille novel. In Les Gommes, as in the.

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No doubt in such a reading experience it is apt to become quite hard to create a tangible plot to talk about, but rather some wanderings in time and narrator shifts. Who knows, maybe Robbe-Grillet just isn’t that popular in America anymore Is it too much of a stretch to interpret the pistol Wallas shoots at the end of the novel as, in part, a reaction to overbearing ugliness?

The more solutions we find, the more the mystery deepens. This is Robbe-Grillet’s first novel and it prefigures his later trademark narrative techniques and stylistic preoccupations, including the blurring of character roles, reinvention and reconfiguring of key scenes, and obsessive attention to the 3.

Alain Robbe-Grillet is internationally hailed as the chief spokesman for the noveau roman and one of the great novelists of the twentieth century. The book is referred to as a “roman” novel and is illustrated with 77 paintings by Magritte interspersed with discourse written by Robbe-Grillet.

Emanuele Tononter. Aug 21, Tom Pepper rated it really liked it. Timelines and plots are fractured and the resulting novel resembles the literary equivalent of a cubist painting. Nicola Lagioiasec. Not so grlilet in terms of theme or plot although both involve detectivesbut style. Eventually, the waiter arrives, excitedly carrying the morning paper.


Moreover, it is utterly humorless. Roberto Cazzolater.

It reads like Robbe-Grillet, but doesn’t entirely feel like him. We see him gomkes through the town in the early hours, heading grillte endless grey streets from the docks to the city center, but taking for ever to get there. Robbe-Grillet was born in the western town of Brest, the son of an engineer.

Eugenio Baroncellisec. But, that’s in the future. Why do witnesses keep confusing him with the alleged murderer? Special Award 40 Years of Mondello: An interesting read, and everyone should read Robbe-Grillet at least once.

The Erasers () – IMDb

The reader must slowly piece together the story and the emotional experience of jealousy, for example, in the repetition of descriptions, the attention to odd details, and the breaks in repetitions, a method that resembles the experience of psychoanalysis in which the deeper unconscious meanings are contained in the flow and disruptions of free associations. From time to time in the book, he will go into a shop to buy an eraser, but can rohbe find the one he wants. Robbe-Grillet takes the conventions of the policier or French detective novel and turns them on their head.

Osvaldo Guerrieriter. Then it all makes sense. I don’t really like being taunted.

The initial few months were seen by Robbe-Grillet as something of a holiday, since, in between the very rudimentary training he was given to operate the machinery, he had free time to go to the theatre and the opera. This is Robbe-Grillet’s first novel and it prefigures his later trademark narrative techniques and stylistic preoccupations, including the blurring of character roles, reinvention and reconfiguring of key scenes, and obsessive attention to the precise description of objects and the surroundings in which they are situated.

Maurizio Cucchiter. He was trained as an agricultural engineer.

Alain Robbe-Grillet dies at 85

The city itself seems to be distorted; mapped out on an apparently strict rectilinear pattern, streets seem sometimes inexplicably to loop back on themselves, a grillst finding himself without explanation back where he began, in an Alice-in-Wonderland of disorientation.


May 08, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing. Edit Storyline A detective is seeking an assassin in a murder that has not yet occurred, only to discover that it is his destiny to become that assassin. The post-modernist bits don’t get in the way. Want to Read saving…. The structure of The Erasers is a structure of labyrinth — the characters constantly roam the labyrinths of streets and they incessantly rove in the labyrinths of their thoughts… Usually this landscape has little relief and looks rather vommes, but this morning gomnes grayish yellow sky of snowy days gives it unaccustomed dimensions.

Which, for me, makes Modiano the greater writer. Edit Cast Credited cast: There is no great surprise that both authors should have chosen to write against the same tradition.

The Erasers

Oct 26, Tosh rated it really liked it. Alain Robbe-Grillet was a French writer and filmmaker. An entire city of unsightly sights and repellent people.

Robbe-Grillet was admitted to the Caen University Hospital in western France over the weekend for cardiac problems, the officials said.

By using this site, you agree to grilelt Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That guy’s a revelation. That staircase will come back in the book again and again, in different contexts, often mutually contradictory.

The bar that opens and closes the novel is described as an aquarium, so that all its inhabitants are fish living in a glass bowl, swimming around in eternal circles.